samstag 13. september 2008 |22:00

mit ROBERT OWENS (fingers)
marflow & felix

LIVE: externer link Robert Owens (Chicago)

Wieder mal eine Chicago-House-Legende in der fluc_wanne mit einem Live-DJ-Set.
Robert Owens legt auf und „vocalisiert“ über seine Platten drüber.

Though electronica has always been a producer's medium (and the few vocalists keeping their head above water are usually woman), Robert Owens became one of the figures most associated with the late-'80s golden era of Chicago house. Born in Ohio in 1961, he grew up singing in the church, but was working as a DJ when he met pioneering Chicago producer Larry Heard in 1985. The pair formed Fingers Inc. with Ron Wilson, and released a few excellent singles ("You're Mine," "It's Over") and the 1988 full-length Another Side.The group dissolved soon after, though, as Heard's burgeoning solo-production career (as Mr. Fingers) took over.
Owens had basically retired from music by the early '90s. By 1996, he'd returned to dance music with Ordinary People, a two-part EP for Musical Directions. He teamed up with Tomiie and Cevin Fisher for a track from Tomiie's Full Lick LP in 1999, and one year later Owens appeared on the Photek smash "Mine to Give."