sonntag 4. februar 2007 - 22:00

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Clark, Body Riddle Press Release:

Shortening his name to Clark and channeling his always restless creativity into Body Riddle, his new longplayer, Chris Clark returns. By hijacking the conventional live instrumentation of rock, draping it in the cloak of electronic composition and running it through the kaleidoscopic filters of krautrock, sunburnt psychedelia and musique concrete Clark has created a force to be reckoned with.

Album opener "Herr Barr" is a curious bit of chunky mutant funk that explores what might have happened if Liquid Liquid played Dusseldorf in the early 70's using Kraftwerk's homemade synthesizers. "Herzog" takes the heavy yet melodic analog fuzz of new-jacks like Justice and Simian Mobile Disco and re-casts it as a sweeping prog-rock cloud. The damaged disco bounce of "Ted" will appeal to even the most timid of dancefloor crowds, despite its underlying bizarreness. "Vengeance Drools" twists driving post-rock that recalls Tortoise, This Heat and Silver Apples at their toughest.

From undulating analog masterpieces to skittering melodic curveballs, Body Riddle is far and away one of the most original albums of the year, filling a void left in electronic music by the absence of true risk-takers. A perfect balance of abstraction and focus, this record should place Clark firmly among the ranks of maverick artists whose influence spans oceans and genres. Recent tours and performances with post-rock giants 65daysofstatic and Tortoise have sent the clear message that like these bands, Clark will not be pigeonholed.
Body Riddle tracklisting:

01. Herr Bar
02. Frau Wav
03. Springtime Epigram
04. Herzog
05. Ted
06. Roulette Thrift Run
07. Vengeance Drools
08. Dew on the Mouth
09. Matthew Unburdened
10. Night Knuckles
11. The Autumnal Crash

externer link www.warprecords.com
externer link www.throttleclark.com

It all started when I was about 14 with my mates in Shrewland peaking in the woods with Heliosphan as comedown consolidation. Then I started nabbing my sister's Warp-when-they-were-in-Sheffield tapes which she never listened to. Then I got quite into her rare groove stuff like turn out the lights by Larry Youngs fuel. Also Hip Hop Matt has a part to play with his crunchy Rawkus delights. As well as Pip and Ians compilation tapes and Simons LFO record. The 3 things that really coined it for me though, were Theme from Earnest Borginine by Squarepusher walking to college in the winter with my headphones on really really loud and the air all fresh and frosty. Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted as well and Vletrmx (Check spelling) by Autechre which I reckon should become the eighth wonder of the world..............................................

Cut to 17-18 Local industry types trying to jedi-mind trick me. Me loving the fact that I was doing excactly what they told me not to do.
I made some stuff. Basic stuff. I got more things (Home-built stylus made out of a hook and some masking tape. Marbles spokes and squarewaves). I learnt abit. Not enough but more then enough. I put things through things. I recorded these things and put them through other things which then became completely different things. The result was alot of evil white noise and some naff twee wank. The best stuff was thrashy, sombre, silly, shit and exciting. The bad stuff was just bollocks.

Cut to 21 in Bristol. Having a wicked laugh. Pissed of with student shit but fuck it I'll finish soon. Run out of money.Tracks now are...still punking away and stuff is going well. Re-organised stuff. Challenging myself more. Paying more attention to my computer and less attention to my personal hygiene. Not sleeping "properly". Nailing sounds with abit more accuracy then I was about 5 weeks ago. Trying to do the best that i can possibly do coz otherwise




((((to be continued))))