dienstag 19. februar 2008 | 21:00 pünktlich!

A Tribute to Neil Young

LIVE with tribute:

Killed by 9 Volt Batteries
Two Ordinary People (Rainer Krispel & Band)
Ja Panik! & A Life, A Song, A Cigarette
Quellenchor (= Hotel Prestige, Bell Etage, Thalija, Leeps Akam,
Smuggle Goods into the Country)
Felix Vodnyansky
Clara Luzia
Marilies Jagsch
Siewert and the Loners
Roscoe Fletcher
Protestant Work Ethic

& very special guests !!!

Djs & Moderation:
Günther "Bus" Schweiger (skug)
Boris Jordan & Susi Ondrusova (FM4)