freitag 23. mai 2008

externer link FREIZEIT! B*DAY JAM & LIVE SET

featuring the weitweitweg all rockstars
Phonuel, En Masse, Lizer M, Elsa Tootsie & Stefan Klavinec

+ in a furious jam rock live performance
+ the unusual unique blend of rare uplifting nightspot tunes in the mix
+ visual delights full of magic and illusion
+ as usual, all for free but certainly not for nothing

Sisters of other misters, brothers of other mothers, drop by and party with us. Be there or be square!
Freizeit (free time/temps libre)!


fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj's ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]