mittwoch 26. september 2007

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Mir was born in 2005, created by a group of young musicians who had always refused to behave and couldn’t feel comfortable in predefined genres. Though through different backgrounds, by the time they met they were all well experienced in the field of experimental music and were looking for a way to use the expression and intensity of this music within the context of a basic rock trio, which later turned out to be restricted to drums, bassguitar/guitar and organ/synthesizer.Sometimes running to 10 minutes apiece, most of their music roars from beginning to end while spiralling electronics float over a heavy hypnotic rhythm section, evoking astronomical disasters and encounters with pandimensional beings. Both musically and conceptually there are influences from the german «Kosmische Musik», but without directly referencing it – or anything else, since typical rock-elements are deliberately avoided, as they are regarded as interferences between the music and the listener. Instruments are used in a primitive form, or brut if you prefer, and the players concentrate more on sounds and their rhythmic significance for the composition, spraying dissonance
everywhere, leaving harmonies to play only a secondary role. Should be listened loud and possibly at zero gravity. Or at concerts.Daniel Buess hit skin and metal resonances Michael Zaugg pulled triggers and red buttonsPapiro touched sensitive stringsAfter his percussion studies at the Music Academy in Basel and Karlsruhe, Daniel Buess (dr) intensified his exploration of unusual soundsources. Besides Mir he was and is still involved in various Groups and Ensembles in the realm of experimental and improvised music, like Ensemble Phoenix Basel, Cortex, 16-17, How2 or Katarakt, with which he was admitted to some of the most important festivals for contemporary music in Europe, Asia and Australia. His own projects include percussion shows in carworkshops, frequently involving self-designed electronic percussion devices. Daniel occasionally gives masterclasses for electronic coffee cans. and is also known for his collaborations with composers like Alex Buess, Michael Werthmüller, Volker Heyn, Iancu Dumitrescu and Tim Hodgkinson amongst others. www.ensemble-phoenix.ch www.skinandspeech.com www.how2.ch Former violin player in second-class orchestras, as a teenager Papiro (bg/g) decided to leave the academic path to join a garage-band, because it sounded «similar to the contemporary classical music» he had recently discovered.
He later went on to various formations playing every instrument within his reach, had appearances with Yann Keller, Luigi Archetti, Mani Neumeier and worked with composer Ruth Glatt and breakcore artist Rachael Kozak. A mystical experience in 2003 led him to perform music based on playing only one chord at high volume for an extended period.Michael Zaugg (org/electronics) has played guitar in different bands of the local underground scene, until he discovered
that he was more interested in soundeffects rather than virtuosity. Soon he developed new techniques for guitar, and started to play around with synthesizers and their modifications, which ended up in concerts built of dense feedbackclouds and low-high-frequency oubursts beyond pain treshold. In 2003 he joined Papiro for his drone performances. Download Mir Tracks at
externer link www.atreeinafieldrecords.com


fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj's ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]