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(In)The Abyssiy Of The Grounds / Ruthensteiner/Voglsinger /Outer Vertex

Wednesday, 22. November

In our limited perception of reality and the continuous influence of fictional, layered “digitalism” and artificiality everybody is confronted with day after day, an unreality of life itself is manifesting and taking its part. The DISABILITY of society to overcome the babel complex, the confusion of tongues, is the fear of our diversity. The essence of live is change, the essence of evil is backwards. Because THIS is what you do not see. It?s what you carry inside and transcend to something haptic and only then recognize as real, while all other appearances are mirages and projections, nostalgias or resentiment - the ghosts of the underworld.

(I)TAOTG is an ongoing shifting-ensemble with an x variable of members. Instead of working with a fixed group ? perfecting the interaction in a known environment ? it works with a more organic process of evolution, slowly establishing a language and connection between the pool of likeminded artists, not bound by borders or locality.

Since 2011 it´s constantly changing and evolving around the core group of Linda Sharrock, Mario Rechtern and Margaret Unknown.

externer link www.margaretunknown.com/the-abyssity-of-the-grounds


The constellation is researching on analog sound- and image generators. Based on mechanical sounds, derriving from aparatus which are alienated from their original purpose and passed through various stages of mere acoustic amplification, electronic and digital modulation.

The machines are performed live in different settings and surroundings.

Stefan Voglsinger - 16mm Projector
Patrizia Ruthensteiner - Handknittingmachine

Outer Vertex

Outer Vertex is explorations of the outer and inner cosmos by out-guitar electric duo of Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind) and Christoph Weikinger, (Primordial Undermind, Torùn). Elephantine psych-jam that starts with gentle stroking before thickening into a warm sonic cocoon.

externer link www.soundcloud.com/outer-vertex

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