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Contrails (A), Sky to Speak (CZ), Anomie Belle (USA)

Tuesday, 19. December


‘Contrails’ has seen many band constellations over the past couple of years since its inception and first live shows in 2012. The band revolving around Stefan Sieder started out as a six-piece with violins, guitars, and live drums. The band toured several european countries and performed at festivals around their hometown, Vienna. Currently, the band’s sound can be described as dream pop, shoegaze, or chillwave. Since 2017, the live band consists of five members. ‘Contrails’ have released two albums, ‘All That Glows’ (released 2012 on Pumpkin Records) and ‘Mania’ (released 2014 on Cloud Contact Records). Though prominently featured, Stefan Sieder´s vocals are not the sole contributor in terms of conveying messages. Contrails´ moving harmonies and melodies speak for themselves. Despite their obvious musical confidence, Contrails maintain an ability to transport its listener to a place of relaxed and unforced contemplation. It is elegant, thought provoking, and disturbingly impressive dream pop that passes on conventional themes, yet makes its way into the minds of music lovers of all persuasions without letting go.


Anomie Belle is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer who combines electronic programming with bass, drums, lush strings, and sensual vocals. Originally a classically trained violinist and songwriter, Anomie has an eclectic, avant-garde musical style that incorporates aspects of electronic, contemporary classical, art pop, experimental, trip hop, glitch, and soul. Anomie often explores the emotional experiences of “beautiful alienation” created by modern consumer society, and the passive guilt of unsustainable lifestyles that are destructive to our natural environment and well-being. Her music grapples with issues ranging from critiques of power to intimacy and sexuality. Flux, Anomie’s most recent album, features an interdisciplinary art project exploring disillusionment and the search for identity. A haunting and darkly sexy portrait of beautiful alienation, Flux highlights the consonance and dissonance of our modern isolation. Fourteen visual art pieces accompany Flux in an artbook. Each piece functions as a portrait of Anomie and her music. Provocative and immersive, both the music and art convey complex, surreal landscapes that juxtapose fragility with desire, struggle with self-knowledge, and complacence with wisdom. Anomie´s collaborators include Sneaker Pimps, Posies, Mr Lif, and Yppah, who featured her on several tracks for Eighty-One (Ninja Tune). Anomie has toured with Bonobo, Tricky, Little Dragon, Emancipator, Bajofondo, Ott, and Floating Points and formed her own string quartet to perform alongside The Album Leaf. Her music has been featured in Xbox´s Alan Wake, Showtime´s United States of Tara, Catherine Hardwicke´s Plush, MTV´s Jersey Shore, All Points Bulletin, Road Trip Nation and Todo el Mundo Tiene Alguien Menos Yo.


Sky To Speak are originally a three piece band with roots in adventurous hypnagogic pop music. They craft elements of ambient, noise, dub and psychedelia in somewhat post-rockish form with bunch of synths, laptopism and live drums.

externer link www.contrails.co
externer link www.contrails.bandcamp.com
externer link www.soundcloud.com/contrailscontrails

Anomie Belle
externer link www.anomiebelle.com
externer link www.anomiebelle.bandcamp.com
externer link www.soundcloud.com/anomie-belle

Sky To Speak
externer link www.skytospeak.com
externer link www.skytospeak.bandcamp.com
externer link www.soundcloud.com/sky-to-speak

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