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Wednesday, 10. January

mit LIVE: Zen (Zagreb)
3rd Album release!

The audio-visual all-female project was established in 2009 in Zagreb where they┬┤ve found their home at the AKC Medika squat. The band consists of Eva Badanjak on vocals/guitar, Ivona Ivkovic on bass and Sara Ercegovic on drums . the latter two also take care of back vocals and keys/synths. Their debut ‘I onda je sve pocelo’ (2013) and sophomore ‘Jantar’ (2015) were released by the Austrian queer/feminist label Unrecords and the French Vox Project. In recent years, ?en?ve performed at many major European festivals (Europavox, Colours of Ostrava, Tallinn Music Week, INmusic…) and clubs from the Baltic to the Balkans, the Vistula River to the Atlantic sea.

‘Sun?ani ljudi’ comes as the gist of all their releases with some moderate upgrades. It sounds like a manifest of their passion for meticulously intertwined genre tropes ? from hypnotic repetitions of post rock to atmospheric guitar layering in the vein of shoegaze, all characterized by a genuine openness to experimentation and infused with a heartfelt vocal delivery typical of 90s alt rock. The girls have conserved the psychedelic and dreamy nature of their musical expression, which resembles the output of bands as Warpaint, The War on Drugs, Lush or Pinkshinyultrablast. The record’s sonic character with its texturally lush guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies coquettes with the golden age of guitar music and shoe-gazing, notably with epochal releases like ‘Loveless’ (My Bloody Valentine) ali ‘Souvlaki’ (Slowdive). As you may assume by looking at the cover, tracks are permeated by an air of sweet melancholy that evokes images of natural motifs associated with fluctuation, oscillation and flotation. Images of summits, breaking waves and currents? images of the island of Bra?, the Promised Land mentioned in the overture ‘A gdje su staze?’. ‘Sun?ani ljudi’ is like a sonic mirror-image of a long trip on the D8, the picturesque route that runs 640 km along Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, evoking awe of the sublime and reminding us of humanity?s insignificance in respect to the Universe.

Unburdened by trends in the music industry, ?en’s third full-length once again reaffirms the band’s position as one of the most prolific, promising and peculiar (all-female) guitar bands of the Balkan region.

externer link www.facebook.com/xzenxzen

externer link www.xzen.bandcamp.com/album/sun-ani-ljudi

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