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Kwanzaa Series - 2 of 3 - with John Gomez

Saturday, 3. February

Θ Θ Θ Kwanzaa Series Part Two Θ Θ Θ

Θ John Gómez (Rush Hour, Music From Memory, London)
externer link www.soundcloud.com/johngomezldn

John Gómez is one of the most exciting new voices emerging in London´s music scene. Based in London via Madrid, John has for a long time been admired by those in the know. He is trusted by essential tastemakers like Antal, HUNEE, or Invisible City, and has close ties to key Amsterdam institutions Rush Hour and Music From Memory. His excellent criteria as a selector has earned him the hot seat on the Rush Hour show on NTS Radio, where he has hosted guests like Soichi Terada, Sassy J, and Volcov.

We also know John for having a good nose for incorporating musical sounds that have yet to be explored into his repertoire. Proof of this is his recent compilation for Music From Memory, Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978-1992, an album which Gilles Peterson is already calling a contender for compilation of the year.

John is not, however, just a digger or collector, he is a versatile DJ whose collection enables him to pack a bag that is always dance-ready and, should it need to be, can be traceable to a particular period, place, or style.


Θ DJ Moe (Voodoo Kitchen, Tingel Tangel)

Θ Rapha Ramires (Disco Nostra)

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