oscillator-ventilator ( part 1 & 2 & 3 )

Part 2

Part 2 Galerie Feichtner

(Space and sound installation December 2005 Fluc_Wanne Vienna) (Space and sound installation May 2006 Galery Feichtner Vienna)

For their installation and sound space the group [ dy’na:mo] has used the remains of a ventilation pipe in the former public toilets located in the underpass to the Prater Ferris Wheel. The current “landlords” of the Fluc Wanne present in their installation a model for a sucking and pumping communication vessel, which uses both indoor and outdoor space to present a computer-controlled variation of sound. A double transformation is achieved by re-assigning the roles of site and the recipient who gauges his position, proximity and distance, time and space in the new space for art by means of a sound space. oscillator-ventilator is a conceptual, computer-controlled installation in which sound is produced by incorporating the material quality of the sound storage medium, namely the ventilation fans. Triggered by the specific location and in situ situation in the Fluc Wanne, this interpenetration of fine arts and sound becomes a field of cultural and aesthetic tension. The sound sculpture is interlinked with the mechanical sounds produced by the fans installed in the ventilation pipes. Here, the social field of art withdraws from any overall emphasis by docking onto the potentials of art production through computer manipulation. This calculated and spatial sound information leads to the differentiation of the pathos of synthesis in various crossover cultures.

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