movingsoundscapes III


steirischer herbst 04

With their light and sound installation , the artist group [dy’namo] steps across the treshold of the inner and the outer world. The installation turns into a mediator betwenn two physical and social entities: the exhibition site and the surrounding rural landscape. The psychoanalytical landscape landscape which the soundscape evokes, creates a relationship between the organism (the Pavel House) and reality itself, the Freudian (and Lacanian) Innen- and Umwelt (inner and outer world), at whose threshold the mirror image prevails. [dy’namo] relate to the unstable condition of current image production by letting the lights move along a corridor in accordance with the sound. In relation to the ephemeral circulation of printed as well as electronic images, the sound emanates equivocally and not direction or mirror-bound. Hence, the threshold between the socially configured exhibition site and the externally determined space remains unknown. (Text: Walter Seidl)

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