donnerstag 31. januar 2008

live: externer link TheDeathSet

dj peter nachtnebel

Whilst originally forming in Sydney, TheDeathSet have traversed the world delivering their super high energy and memorable club punk spaz attack. Now based in Baltimore, America they have extensively toured in the DIY, punk and club circuits with a sound that uniquely attracts audiences in all those scenes. Utilising just two highly distorted guitars and microphones, with a third member being their post-casiotone, electronic club backing beats, they have left smiles and sweat on audiences throughout the world with their extensive touring.

They have shared stages with Spankrock, Suicide, Bonde Do Role, Wolfmother, Dan Deacon, No Age, Matt and Kim, Japanther, XBXRX, Best Fwends, Part Chimp, High Places and Die! Die! Die! to name just a few.



fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj's ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]