dienstag 6. märz 2007

externer link Live: Joe Lally
& externer link ZU [Italien]
dj rainer krispel

Joe Lally has played bass in post-hardcore heroes externer link Fugazi since their inception in 1987. Almost twenty years in the underground scene, as part of one of the most innovative and influential bands in recent decades, has allowed Lally to develop a truly unique bass playing style, complex yet concise.

It has also meant that Lally has retained his political integrity, tirelessly fighting for the leftwing causes that Fugazi - and Dischord records in general - have come to be associated with. Since 2003, when Fugazi collectively decided to take an indefinite hiatus from recording and performing, Lally has been concentrating on developing a solo project that will expand upon the crucial elements he contributed in that band; his characteristic taut, intelligent basslines are present throughout his solo work, complemented with a disarmingly direct vocal style and contributions from musicians including Ian Mackaye and Amy Farina. There To Here ....and promises to be a fascinating project for fans of Fugazi and thoughtful, spare experimental rock in general.