donnerstag, 13. märz 2008 |22:00
€ 5,-


live: joe driscoll (buttercuts uk)
d.schaerf [beatbureauvienna] + dj hesh[ finn ]

Inspire. Big Beat. Enjoy. Dj. Live. Joe Driscoll. Dance. Percussion. Projections. Friends. BPM. Relax. Beat. Decks. Feel. Break Beat. Crowd. Dance. Thursday. Club. Vienna. Experience. Drinks. Beatbuero. Drums. Styles. Music. Dazed. Beatjunkie. Heads. Flow. Quality. Dub. Herb. Piri Piri. Records. Hands. See. Speak. Heart. Watch. Taste. Love. Life. World. One. Everybody. Freedom.

UK Indy Award Winner- Best Solo Act Of The Year:

Creating waves on both sides of the Atlantic are the transcendental sounds of modern day one man band, Joe Driscoll. His revolutionary take on music is without boundaries. Effortlessly fusing hip-hop, reggae, soul, folk and rock to create a completely original and unique sound; an innovator not only for the genre defying music he creates, but for the groundbreaking way in which he performs it. A true renaissance man, Driscoll is a lone figure on stage and in the studio, yet is able to create the complete soundscape of a full band utilizing heavy vocal percussion, an array of instruments, a loop pedal, and a lot of imagination. He has shared the stage with acts ranging from Matisyahu to Regina Spektor, Coldcut to The Bees at hundreds of venues and events in both the US and EUROPE. From the unitiated to music royalty, JOE inspires.

externer link http://www.myspace.com/joedriscoll


Music lover and record collector extraordinaire since earning his first pocket moneys. Has spun records for 7 years around Finland and lately in central Europe. Playing styles vary from reggae to dancefloor jazz and with b-boy background, having a great love for funk and breaks. Found the first own club Hunaja Breaks with dj Ram-Eye in 2000. During the years has organized innumerous music events in Rovaniemi(Finland). Resident dj in Nuspirit bar (Bratislava) at the moment.

externer link http://www.myspace.com/heikkituisku

externer link www.myspace.com/dieterschaerf