dienstag 5. juni 2007 | 22:00 |

externer link THE BOOK OF DANIEL [Göteborg]
externer link MUSIKA 77 [Stockholm]


"Holy madre humping shit! I demand all y'all to follow this link and have a
listen to our friend The Book of Daniel. His EP blew me away and it'll do
the same to you. Finally some stamina and rythm and great words and great
melodies from a fellow swede! It's a dime a dozen these times...I've been
waiting for this!" (Rasmus Kellerman aka Tiger Lou)

Nicht nur Tiger Lou ist angetan, auch Riptide waren begeistert und dachten
kurzerhand nach Boy Omega den nächsten Schweden zu veröffentlichen. Dessen
Bruder Daniel Gustafsson nämlich, samt Band. "The idea was to create music
without any clear form or boundaries, where old gypsy melodies meet up with
jazz and brainless rock, and where a gospel choir can state it's right to be
singing about the glamourous life of sniffing glue etc. As for the album
"Songs for the Locust King" everything's recorded live except for some
string overdubs, and it is also the unique talent of the band appearing on
the album that Daniel will bring on the road."


Mister Musika 77 Johan Krantz, dieses mal nur er mit seiner Gitarre und
seiner unnachahmlichen Stimme.