dienstag 14. august 2007

LIVE: Port Royal
[Ska&Reggae inna PirateStyle!]
dj andreas leikauf


Port-Royal was born in Genoa, something like the oldest city in Italy, where kids can get easily bored and may start a band so that they can hum tunes made for everyone that feels bored and wants to get lost. Port-Royal history goes back to July 2000; the CD-R ‘Kraken EP’ was released early in 2002 by the Italian Marsiglia imprint. As the result of almost 3 years of work in homemade studio, ‘Flares’ was out for UK based Resonant label in april 2005, acclaimed as one of the best debuts of the year in the so called alternative scene. In 2006 the band took part to some big events as the Netmage Festival in Bologna (Italy) and the Route du Rock festival in Saint-Malo (France): port-royal was the first italian band to be invited to play there. A 5 tracks EP ‘Honved’ has seen the light on late march 2007 for the Canadian label Chatblanc Records followed by the new album ‘Afraid To Dance’ out worldwide in july 2007 again for Resonant label. Port-Royal art is on the border among electronica, ambient and shoegaze, but it’s music not made for definitions (though many people attempt usually to give to it a strict label), ideal for a late-night, immersive experience. The remix album ‘Before We Have To Find A Job’ of ‘Flares’ tracks is scheduled to be out in the end of the year, as the result of the collaborations developed in the last two years with many international musicians. The live show the band is bringing through Europe in these months consists in an electronic set with synthesizers, laptop and sampler, featuring both new tracks from the forthcoming album ‘Afraid To Dance’ and some ones (rearranged) from ‘Flares’ as well (also some previously unreleased stuff is played live…); the music run along with images shooted by visual artists as Sieva Diamantakos and Andrea Dojmi. The goal of port-royal’s gigs is “to let the audience drown sweetly in an ocean of sounds, heady tunes and colours”.


fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj's ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]