samstag 16. august 2008


DJ Ren (Töréspont / HU)
externer link www.myspace.com/djrenhu

DJ Ren was introduced to drum & bass around 1995-96, thrilled by the novelty and dynamism of the genre,
felt she has finally found the music she was looking for.
Found herself at the first d&b parties in the country and has been attending various gigs for years.

In the last 3-4 years due to the possibilities of the Internet Ren has been spotted by promoters home and abroad aswell.
Some crews already booked her for example to Austria, Germany, Serbia or Slovakia.
In her country she is frequently in the line-up's of the most significant promoters, played at Bladerunnaz, Drum Club and Nowsound events.

Ren's musical taste is wide-ranging, from the more broken, experimenting dnb to dancefloor orientated music.
She was also asked to record exclusive studio mixes,
so her sets can be found at the biggest hungarian drum & bass site Impulsecreator and on various promoter websites and monthly plays as a guest on Tilos Radio.

DJ Koe (dubstep.at, PaxNicht / AT)
externer link www.myspace.com/djkoe

Kulix Beats (disko404 / AT)
externer link www.myspace.com/kulixbeats

the virtual home of kulix beats/production started making hip hop beats and other stuff on my friends pcs about 1999
then i bought my first turntables and began mixing beats and scratching. the next few years i had a lot of sessions with several mcs and some little gigs around graz.
when i got reason i began to work with a lot of samples spent a lot of time making hiphop beats and drum&bass tunes ... + still producing for the hiphop-band calim
and i also work with some talented hip hop/ ragga mcs + still spinning vinyl and mixing beats and breaks from jungle/drum&bass/ragga/breakcore ...
to whatever you call it!

Gravity Crew Residents


fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj's ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]