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Jimmy is the editor of the award winning magazine Mofo, which is the UK’s underground, independent street magazine representing breakbeat. It contains interviews, club reviews, music reviews and a mix CD. Mofo is free and is available from breaks record shops or from www.mofomag.com (with a small cost to cover P&P).

Jimmy Mofo is a resident DJ at Raindance and Torture Garden clubs in London. He has recently played at Breakfish, Apply The Breaks, Sub Club, Monday Club, Point Breakz, The Factory, Off Centre, NSB & Pyro Radio to name a few within the UK and also further afield in Rome, Spain & Budapest. For DJ bookings, contact jimmy@mofomag.com

Jimmy has a weekly radio show on www.ibreaks.com every Wednesday night between 8pm – 10pm. He has regular guests, including Taishan (Resin Records), Rob Focuz (Apply the Breaks), Dirty Habit and Carl Loben (DJ Mag). The shows are archived and can be listened to at any time via the iBreaks website.

Jimmy is the label boss of Mofo Recordings, the label fronted by Mofo Magazine, who have put out releases by Dirty Habit, Platinum Mules, B-Phreak and Beat Assassins. Jimmy describes the label as championing tech funk, block party breaks and high-octane breakbeat with a hip-hop edge. The label was nominated as Breakthrough label at the 2007 Breakbeat Awards at Fabric.

Jimmy produces breakbeat under the moniker of Beat Assassins alongside DJ Wooz (ex UK DMC champion). Their remixes and tracks have caught the imagination of the breakbeat scene and beyond by the incredible phat induced sub-bass frequencies the boys manage to pack into their kicks and snares resulting in one of the phattest breakbeat sounds to emerge from the UK. As their production evolved, the hip-hop influences could not be contained. Wooz was one half of the 2002 UK DMC championship team The Flaredycats while Jimmy has been checking hip-hop tunes since Grandmaster Flash first dropped the Message. Monster kuts by the Beat Assassins have been on Mofo Recordings in 2007.