Sonntag 5. November - 22:00

externer linkAPSE [NYC]

New Yorker Band zwischen Ambientstudien, nebelverhangenem Postrock, dichten Gitarrenwänden, experimentellem Pop und komplexer Rhythmik [FALTER]

APSE bio :

Formed in New England in 1999, Apse has been writing and performing music for 7 years, spanning an array of different eras, styles, aesthetics, and lineups. The band released it's first S/T Debut in April of 2005 on Acuarela Discos, of Madrid, Spain. Their first release has been acclaimed as an essential exploration in different forms of ambient rock and post-rock, with hints of damaged pop, shimmering and interlocking guitar arpeggios, pounding percussion, and rich, luscious walls of sound. Themes of spiritual and interpersonal paranoias inform the album, delivered through indirect, often eerie lyrics that surface and retreat during the duration.

Upon the international release of their brand new LP 'Spirit' - Apse will set out to Europe, winning the hearts and minds of those who are able to catch their unparalleled live performances, culminating with a final concert in November at Spain's annual Tanned Tin festival.

'Spirit' - out on Acuarela in September 2006, sees the band investigating rich percussive and rhythm-based compositions, a stronger inclusion of pop aesthetics, more of an emphasis on vocals, creating a dark, addictive, brilliant body of work that is their most accessible, yet by far most original work to date.

You can listening few new tracks demos and old ones on externer link MySpace