Dienstag 14. November
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History lesson….
DJ Food has been many persons, of who we will come to in a moment. DJ FOOD is best described as Food for DJs, simple as that, just flip it around and it begins to mean something entirely different.

Strictly Kev
The stalwart Ninja who stepped out of the shadows after years of steady DJing with Coldcut on numerous club gigs and their weekly radio show 'Solid Steel!' Kev met Matt Black at the 'Telepathic Fish' ambient parties of the early 90's, started designing artwork for Ninja Tune and paired up with PC to form the public 'face' of DJ Food on 4 decks in clubs around the world. After working on various Food and Coldcut related studio projects with PC [Recipe for Disaster, Journeys by DJ, ColdKrushCuts and the Blech mix compilations for Warp] he is preparing the next course...