Donnerstag, 14. Jänner


DJs Ana Threat & Al Bird Sputnik (1950s-2000s PUNK!)

Live: externer link Dot Dash (A) & I wanna Boogie with you (A)

THE FAMOUS TRASH ROCK POO-POO do 1950s to 2000s Punk. Playing records: Ana Threat & Al Bird Dirt. Guest DJ: Nolte Trashnik (Beat Beat). Live: Dot Dash (A) & I wanna boogie with you (A)

"Do yourself a favor by saving time and shitloads of paypal-$$$ for all those original 45s by the Electric Eels, Screamers, Country Teasers and their likes - INSTEAD, come along to witness the live debut (!) of these Viennese kids. DOT DASH, ladies and gentlemen, will play their first show ever - that's all we know. Watch them do their hard-driven, post-punk-inflected thing RIGHT NOW - just before it gets fashionable! PLUS another band you haven't heard about: 'Straight from our computers into the garage' comes I WANNA BOOGIE WITH YOU with another memorable performance. This trio spits out a 20-minute-psychedelic-electro-rave-up-piece - kicking out the jams or rolling over Beethoven or whatever they'll be up to. One two three riot!" - Herschell Gordon Diddley, Trash Rock Vizepräsident (nach Diktat von Rebellen erschossen).

externer link trash rock poo poo

externer link i wanna boogie with you

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fluc - immer eintritt frei - dj‘s ab 21Uhr - live ab 22Uhr
täglich ab 18Uhr - bis Sperrstunde [4Uhr]

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