LIVE: M185

Mittwoch, 29. Feber

Founded in 2005 during “Bone Machine” in the front row of a Pixies show, M185 started out by releasing their very own approach to postpunk on their instrumental debut-EP “Soundscapes & Coincidences” the following year.

The album “Transformers”, released in 2009, was recorded in the current line-up of Alex Diesenreiter (bass), Wolfram Leitner (vocals, guitar), Roland Reiter (drums), Joerg Skischally (keys) and Heinz Wolf (guitar), and marked a change in directions, as vocals and keys were being thrown into the mix.

A following period of concerts and writing consolidated M185´s reputation as vivid and energetic live-performers and fueled the band´s ambition of breaking new grounds by amalgamating their wide range of influences into a unique take on rock´n´roll.

Summer of 2011 saw the release of their sophomore album “Let The Light In”, that has been received exceptionally well by the press and fans alike and has been voted “Album of the Week” on FM4, Austria´s alternative radio station.

At the moment M185 are - besides working on new material - playing live a lot and are determined to take that reputation way beyond the borders of Austria.

externer link www.m185.org

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