Margaret Unknown - Mario Rechtern - Katharina Ernst

Mittwoch, 2. Mai

“Energy going in circles, accelerating with every second, unstoppable like a wheel racing down a hill. Squealing, snake-summoning reeds melt with clusters of feedback driven by rhythmic outbursts, all moving towards a manifest destiny to the bottom of that hill; to be reborn like a phoenix out of the ashes.”

Since last year the duo of Margaret Unknown and Mario Rechtern has been playing in various collaborations with many musicians - a experimental approach on composition due varied grouping of instrumentation, timbre and style of the different personas.

The red line through all these different confrontations is the urge for a pure and radical output without any commitment to past idioms. In these concerts it comes down to a symbiotic relationship between the audience and the musicians - the active exchange of emotions and thoughts during these shared moments - resulting in a cyclical void of energy floating in between. Player becomes listener, listener becomes player. A universal language confronting the audience with feelings one did not know existed, pulling them out of their passive states which are forced onto them in a classical concert situation and life itself. It can be understood as a foray towards a consciousness for caring and unity in general.

externer link www.klingt.org/unknown/
externer link www.vimeo.com/maruno
externer link www.katharinaernst.com

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