10 Jahre FLUC - das 5x2=10 Musik-Film-Kunst- und Club-Festival

Mittwoch, 30. Mai





die zwei sinistren cousins sigi aigner und didi bruckmayr paktieren neuerdings mit dem dieb13. dieses trio stiehlt Ihnen garantiert nicht die zeit! sehr tiefe bässe, granulare synthese, geschundene turntables und stimmen von den randzonen der vernunft. teilen Sie die woche am mittwoch im klub moozak. wir bereiten Sie kompetent auf das wochenende vor.

externer link www.vimeo.com/didibruckmayr
externer link www.fuckhead.at/
externer link www.soundcloud.com/mussurunga
externer link www.dieb13.klingt.org/


Christian Galarreta is a peruvian transdisciplinar autodidact, audiovisual creator, composer and performer of contemporary experimental music. Galarreta is the founder of DiosMeHaViolado, Evamuss and Tica, three of the most active experimental music bands in the Peruvian underground scene between 1995 and 2010. He has published, as a soloist and with different projects, more than 80 solo releases, collaborations and compilations in labels and netlabels around the world, such as Aloardi (Peru), Superspace Records (Peru), 1001 Records (Peru), Amp (Mexico), Bizarre Audio Arts (Ecuador), Frígida Records
(Argentina), Suda (Argentina), Microbio Records (Venezuela), Sonora (Puerto Rico), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Ruidemos (Spain), FIBRR Records (France), Sonic Art Networks (UK), Simple Logic (Poland), Clinical Archives (Russia), Dreamland Recordings (Australia), among others.

He produces intriguing abysses of sound and silence using out-of-order electrical appliances, homemade sound instruments, controlled induction of error in software, programming generative tools and transducing imperceptible physical phenomena for humans to an audible dimension. He extrapolates those experiences in his audiovisual installations and performances. This work has taken him to make exhibitions, perform
concerts, and give lectures and workshops in Latin America and Europe.

He is mostly interested in the exploration of the aforementioned interfaces and auto-regulated systems to apply them to audiovisual creation as a form of disobedience and social auto-organization.

Galarreta has also worked as a curator, promoter and organizer of international art events like the Iberoamerican Festival of Electronic Music “Contact” 2005 and 2008 (Peru), Arte Sons 2007 (Spain), International Festival of Video Art and Electronic VAE
2004 and 2006 (Peru). He was co-administrator of the SUR | RADIO platform in 2006, and co-producer of the radio program ATATAW!!! in 2005 and 2006. Currently he resides in Nantes/France, where he was working as an artistic researcher in the association APO33 (03/2011-03/2012).

externer link www.soundcloud.com/chrs-galarreta


Bernhard Loibner is a composer, musician and media artist from Vienna/Austria. With his music Loibner treats various musical genres: from experimental electronic and electro-acoustic, to post-rock and pop, from audio-visual to radio art. His musical compositions are characterized by the use of live electronics and computers as unique instruments based on software he writes himself.

The music he creates oscillates between intricate 2-dimensional sound textures and harsh noises. His sounds often imply a pulsating moment while developing continuously reconfigured rhythmical structures beyond metrical beats. A carefully composed balance between movement and quietness is at the centre of his musical aesthetics.

He performs live on a regular basis and he realized compositions for contemporary theatre and dance as well as video, film and radio and he extended his work into the audio-visual domain by creating sound/video compositions.

externer link www.loibner.cc/
externer link www.moozak.org/releases/mzk003/mzk003.html

externer link www.moozak.org/
externer link www.flickr.com/klubmoozak
externer link www.soundcloud.com/moozak
externer link www.myspace.com/klubmoozak
externer link www.discogs.com/label/moozak
externer link www.twitter.com/# !/MOOZAK_KAZOOM
externer link www.youtube.com/user/klubmoozak
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