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SPECTRASOUL (Shogun Audio / UK) - “Play The Fool” Single out now!
externer link www.spectrasoulmusic.com/
externer link www.facebook.com/spectrasoul
externer link www.facebook.com/shogunaudio
externer link www.soundcloud.com/spectrasoul

HALOGENIX (Critical, Dispatch, Ivy Lab / UK) - “Take The Lead” EP out now!
externer link www.facebook.com/halogenix
externer link www.soundcloud.com/halogenix
externer link www.facebook.com/IvyLab

SOLID & SKRIBBLE (Soundkistn)
SNAP TRAP & BENTO (Vollkontakt)
LOOOX (Vollkontakt)

externer link www.vollkontakt.at
externer link www.fluc.at


The influences of 23 year old, North London based Producer Laurence Reading aka Halogenix have amalgamated to form one of the most versatile producers of today, carving a sound that has become synonymous with the name. Initially a classically trained musician, hearing the affluent sounds of Drum and Bass in the late 90´s ultimately helped develop a love for the eclectic sounds of electronic music.

After spending years being an observer of the drum and bass movement, it wasn´t until 2005 that Halogenix started experimenting with production and it was 2010 which saw the birth of Halogenix´s solo endeavours being released into the public domain, releasing tunes with labels such as Critical, Dispatch, Invisible, Warm Communications and Horizons.

2011 ultimately held host to the meeting of the mind´s of Sabre, Stray and Halogenix. Initially starting off as 3 mates making beats, what was realised fairly early on was that there was potential for a lot more. `Oblique´ firmly set the path for the cementing of the coalition and after attracting the support of some of the highest celebrated labels and DJs of the moment, Ivy Lab was born.

Now enjoying the spoils of the success thus far and with both aliases to keep him busy, the times ahead look promising for this young star.


SpectraSoul have a reputation among Drum & Bass heads that’s second to none. Vital members of DJ Friction’s irrepressible Shogun Audio movement, the duo have released music on only the very finest, most respected labels in the scene.

Beautifully deep and etched with grove, yet powerful enough to move any dancefloor, SpectraSoul’s stunning musical productions are a far cry from the soulless, synthetic rave fodder so many unfortunately associate with Drum & Bass today. Tracks such as ‘Alibi’ for Critical,’Melodies’ for Exit, ‘Guardian’ on Metalheadz and their stunning collaborations with Alix Perez on ‘Forsaken’ and dBridge on ‘Glimpse’, have insured SpectraSoul are one of the most talked about and respected acts in D&B today.

Bridging the gap between light and dark, hard and smooth, both in the studio and their DJ performances, SpectraSoul’s energetic and varied sets continue to draw crowds at some of the most prestigious venues around the world. With an album project forthcoming, the duo look to expand musical boundaries, explore bass-driven genres like never before, and stamp their mark on present-day music… the SpectraSoul way.

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