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Jealousy Mountain Duo (D)

De-constructing jazz and post-rock with avante garde intent, German band Jealousy Mountain Duo create complex yet very listenable music on their second album ³No 02², (no prizes for guessing what the first one was called). Overloading on percussion and featuring some inventive guitar lines ³Home of Easy Credit² sets out their stall early, with ³leaf Kickers²
layering some Beefheart style riffs over the top of the rattling drums. Keeping to this sonic equation throughout , even on the slower vibe of ³Ubertriebene Harte² gives the album great cohesiveness, something that suits the music, giving the listener to become totally absorbed, although the appearance of some very fluid and Doorsian guitar lines on ³Latino Heaven² are very welcome. Finally ³Don¹t Ask Me About Dresden² rounds of a rich and engaging album with a final flourish and a more sombre tone. (Simon Lewis)

Jealousy Mountain Duo ‹ Two-man German band Jealousy Mountain Duo’s self-titled longplayer was released by experimental German label Blunoise, a
perfect portmanteau of Jealousy Mountain Duo’s disparate ’60s jazz and noisy, math-rock influences. Jealousy Mountain Duo takes a deconstructivist
approach to its experimental blend of post-modern jazz and mathy indie rock, its guitars looping looping and conflicting melodies, its drums working in and out of rhythms, eschewing any semblance of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones. The result is tightly controlled chaos, a sonic maelstrom where form doesn’t
necessarily follow function. This, truly, is radical stuff. In both senses of the word. ‹ P. Wall

externer link www.jealousymountainduo.bandcamp.com/track/bergneider

Soft Kill Option (A)

Markus Ohler, Bernd Satzinger und Mathias Koch haben sich ihre Meriten in
unterschiedichsten Projekten verdient, dieses gemeinsame klingt nun aber wieder ganz
anders. Wenn man möchte könnte man es als Jazz-Rock, Brachial-Jazz oder
Instrumental-Rock bezeichnen, aber wie das dann klingt weiß man eben immer erst
wenn mann es hört. Daher nur so viel: Es wird eher laut als leise.

externer link www.softkilloption.com

Markus Ohler | Baritonsaxophon
Bernd Satzinger | E-Bass
Mathias Koch | Schlagzeug

FB-Event: externer link

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