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Transmitting from the heart of Europe, Vienna´s Dubblestandart reconstruct classic dub reggae into 21st century bass music. As a 4 piece band their influences range from post punk, industrial to new wave with the lively breath of Dub Reggae. Dub, the predecessor of today´s approach to hip hop, techno, drum n bass or trap, originated in Jamaica during the early 70s when Lee Perry, King Tubby a.o. showed the way to today´s known styles and production technics. Dubblestandart is humbled to have worked with some of their idols: Ariup from the Slits, Dillinger, Ken Boothe, Mikey Dread, Marcia Griffiths, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood to drop some names. If ur lucky u might have got the legendary Return From Planet Dub album that brought them together with film director David Lynch, Lee Perry, Ariup & Rob Smith aka RSD. If u where even more lucky u might have seen one of their rare live appearances, backing up Martha Griffiths in Sweden, Lee Perry in Central Park NYC or India´s top ranking singers Dehli Sultanate & Begum X in Goa, India. But Dubblestandart is at their best when left alone, incorporating all types of styles into their unique blend of Eurotopian Live Dub.

They started back in 1988 in a 2nd district basement aka The Controller Station in Vienna located just around the block of the famous Flex Club at a time when Dub was barely existent in most parts of Europe. Sugar B was hanging in there, then starting the legendary Dub Club in Flex, as well as Spiral Tribe, a legendary Techno Sound System, Roots Controller and many of the now forgotten Viennese underground pioneers. Since then 14 Albums, a number of 12inches as well as around 80 album compilations featuring DS tracks, have been released. Since 2002 they are signed to the German Dub Label Echo Beach/Collision Records. Dubblestandart is ready to perform live in clubs as well as headlining independent & classic reggae festivals, open to support new emerging artists with feature appearances.

Dubblestandart´s new long player DUB REALISTIC will question the digital life style, the media wars and the hollow consumerism of our society, answering with a positive musical outlook. Coming 2016.

Since 2010 Paul Zasky (Bass Player, founder of Dubblestandart) has been touring with Emch from Subatomic Sound System, Larry MacDonald from The Skatalites and Lee Scratch Perry on Perrys North Amercian tour dates, spreading the vibes of Dubblestandart´s unique sound also across the US. Since 2009 Zasky & Emch produced several 12inches & digital releases fusing Dubblestandart tracks with modern bass music elements, feat. Anthony B, Elephant Man, David Lynch or Lee Perry, shaping the bass music trend at an early stage.

externer link www.soundcloud.com/dubblestandart/dub-realistic

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Bild zu DUBBLESTANDART-Live-Präsentation

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