United SISTERS of Queertopia

Samstag, 28. März

Is body/sex and very much non-conforming positive … you come as you feel. Kinky, graceful, magical, casual or femme-forward … there is no wrong, just a right.

Most important: Gender is a lie!

If you are straight and/or male, please be aware SISTERS is a queer space prioritizing female, femme, lesbian, intersex and trans people. The party is just as good as its guests.

🔥 ca. 21:30 DJ Hengameh
🔥 ca. 23:00 DJ Hassan x Soso Phist
🔥 ca. 01:00 Nadine Artois (London, co-founder of Pxssy Palace, a collective that holds spaces for QTIPOC - pronouns: They/Them)*
🔥 ca. 03:00 Fauna
🔥 05:00 find some one you like! go homo ♥

If you feel uneasy or even unsafe we have Sisters present who are pleased to help and support you with any kind of concern.

Come early, come often, be nice.

STARTING !!! 21:30 !!! SISTERS ↑ Fluc upstairs
STARTING at 23:00 MALEFIZ ↓ Fluc Wanne

21:30 - 22:30 = some LOVE or €!CASH!€ - you pay as you can!
22:30 - > = 10 € (OR MORE!!!)

*Nadine Ahmad (a.k.a Nadine Artois, pronouns: They/Them). Glaswegien born, South Asian, queer, cultural producer, curator and connoisseur of all things ‘slaggy’ - working at the intersection of nightlife and activism since 2015.

Nadine is co-founder of Pxssy Palace, a collective that holds spaces for QTIPOC (queer and trans people of colour) as well as striving to educate wider audiences on QTIPOC issues, so that they can live their lives with more authenticity and acceptance. This work often manifests as monthly conceptual club nights, producing events, creative consultancy on safer spaces for for brands like Live Nation (Lovebox) as well as speaking on and events such as International Music Sumit, Afropunk, Resident Advisor, Gurl Talks, and Mixcloud.

Their work has been globally recognised and have been awarded acolades on Dazed 100 (2018) and She Said So’s Alternative Power List (2019). When they are not perusing working on intentional spaces, Nadine is a global DJ known to blend multiple genres such as club, bollywood, house & techno. They have recently opened with sets for Honey Dijon, LSDXOXO, Mike Q, Princess Nokia, Slow Thai. Straddling all creative lines, they have played festivals including Glastonbury and Lovebox. As well as curating events at galleries and Insitutions such as at ICA, Victoria & Albert Museum, Southbank Centre and have chalked 3 Boiler Rooms. You can next catch Nadine on their monthly radio show on Balamii. “Nae Chat Just Bangers´
Nadine has strong cultural influence, and due to their creative expertise in this field has working with brands such as - JW Anderson, Nike, Youtube Music, Redbull, Napajiri. More recently creating campaigns with Absolut and LOVE

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