PUSH your friday - Female DJ Network

Freitag, 11. März

PUSH your friday // DJ Hill, Vich Mind & DJ Supergirl
push - Female DJ Network // Member Showcase

10pm Open Decks / Network Members
11pm DJ Supergirl
1am Vich Mind
3am - end DJ Hill

push // Connecting FLINTA* DJs across Europe, focussed on harder Techno, Vienna based.
With our showcases we are providing young artists a platform and aim to spread powerful music through journey-like DJ-sets that focus specifically on harder and faster aspects of techno music.

DJ Hill

Vienna based DJ Hill is known for her hard and fast sounds, which she started playing and loving in 2019. The multifaceted artist does not only impress with particularly fast DJ-mixes but also with crazy Rap skills. DJ Hill is part of the push network crew.
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DJ Vich Mind

Vich Mind is cute trance dancefloor y2k machine elves, lil goth kicks, big gabber punches, no bpm limit and huge emotions. They will keep curating their queer hyperenergetic vision trying to push the scene into new territory, fittingly, their new project ‘Enchanted Territories’ will keep them busy at that.
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DJ Supergirl

DJ supergirl is a DJ based in Vienna. She plays a vibrant mix of hard and industrial techno with influences from hip hop and pop. Supergirl is co-founder of the collective vodka&flowers, with which she plays and produces music, and organizes events.
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Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der MA7 (Stadt Wien)

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