Molly Nilsson / Nella Lenoir

Sonntag, 15. Mai

“The letter X marks the spot, crosses over, literally with a cross. It´s the former, the ex-. The ex-lover known simply as “an ex”. Ex- is the latin prefix meaning “out”. Exterior, an exit. Extraordinary. Excellent. It´s exciting. Generation X. X-files. X is the unknown. X is Extreme” Extreme is Molly Nilsson´s tenth studio album. Recorded in 2019 and throughout the 2020 global pandemic at home in Berlin, Extreme is a departure for Nilsson, an explosion of angry love. It´s an album of anthems for the jilted generation, soaked with joy and offering solace, bristling with distorted, Metal guitars and planet-sized choruses that bring light to the dark centre of the galaxy. It´s an album of the times, by the times and for the people. It´s a record about power. About how to fight it, how to take it and how to share it.

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