Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) / Eric Arn

Mittwoch, 3. August

Musician, composer, visual artist, writer, producer.
Founding member of Sonic Youth, from debut in 1981 thru 2011 when activities ceased. SY archival projects are ongoing.

Recent albums include:

Names of North End Women - Lee Ranaldo & Raul Refree (2020) Mute
Lee Ranaldo/Jim Jarmusch/Marc Urselli/Balazs Pandi (2019) Trost Records
Electric Trim Live at Rough Trade East (2018) Mute
The Callas and Lee Ranaldo: Trouble and Desire (2018) Dirty Water
In Doubt, Shadow Him! HiFiKlub and Lee Ranaldo (2018) Joyful Noise
Electric Trim (2017) Mute
Acoustic Dust (2014) El Segell
Last Night On Earth (2013) Matador
Between the Times and the Tides (2012) Matador
Live dates both solo and with band commenced in early 2011 and have continued in various forms worldwide since then. Ongoing partnership with Raul Refree commenced 2013. Continued works with partner Leah Singer (Sight Unseen; Contre Jour) have been large scale, multi projection, often quadraphonic sound + light events, w Lee performing `suspended guitar phenomena´ in various locations around the world (recently: China, Australia, Iceland, Greece).
Grammy Nominee 2017: Music Of Morocco From The Library Of Congress: Recorded By Paul Bowles, 1959.
Orchestral Composition “Hurricane Transcriptions” based on wind sounds recorded during Hurricane Sandy Oct 2013 performed by Kaleidoskop Ensemble (Berlin) at Holland Festival (June 2013) and by Ensemble Offspring (Sydney) at Sydney Festival (January 2014). A newly-realized quartet version of this work will be performed with Dither Quartet (Brooklyn) in 2015.
Also continued work with Glacial Trio (with David Watson and Tony Buck) and Text of Light Group (with Alan Licht and Ulrich Krieger), which improvises to films by Stan Brakhage.

Leeʼs artworks and videos have been on view in the past couple years in gallery and museum shows in Porto, Halifax, Miami, Tampa, Vienna, Prague, Gent, Bratislava, Auckland, Salt Lake City, Austin, Brooklyn, at the VOLTA fair in Manhattan and in Menen, Belgium.
Artist-in-Residence: CNEAI, Paris (2007, 2008); NSCAD, Halifax, Nova Scotia (2013); Villa Arson, Nice, France (2014).

Sonic Youthʼs most recent recordings:
Spinhead Sessions 1986 [Goofin´ 2016]
Smart Bar Chicago 1985 (live archive) [Goofin´, 2013].
Simon Werner a Desparu, (a film soundtrack) [SYR9, 2011]

Most recent books:

Some Writings on Music and Musician´s [Lazy Eight 2016]
Against Refusing [Waterrow Press 2010]
How Not To Get Played On The Radio [SoundBarn 2011].

Support: Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind)
externer link www.leeranaldo.com

Artikel im skug: externer link

FB-Event: externer link

Thanks to Georg Weckwerth and TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien. In August 2022, Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer are guests of TONSPUR as part of the Artist-in-Residence program of Q21 / MQ.

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