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22:00: Basscave

Samstag, 25. März

Get ready to experience a night of fresh Drum and Bass at our upcoming Bass Cave on March 25th, 2023 @ FLUCC (upstairs). Our main act for the night is the amazing L-ZETTO, who hails all the way from Tübingen, Germany, and will be bringing his signature style to the stage. In addition, we’ve got a lineup of Bass Cave residents, including VAL b2b PHUEL, ROONY, ZANIN and LAURUS who will be delivering smooth basslines and energetic beats for you. To complete the timetable, we’re thrilled to welcome PARALUMIX for his Bass Cave debut. So join us to feel the rhythm and basslines as you dance the night away! 🖤


L-ZETTO externer link (Oszillate Tübingen)

PARALUMIX (Newcomer)

LAURUS (Bass Cave, Soda Zitron)

ROONY (Bass Cave)

PHUEL (Bass Cave)

VAL (Bass Cave)

ZANIN (Bass Cave)


Basscave Homepage: externer link
Basscave on Soundcloud: externer link

FB Event: externer link

Join the official FLUCC Vienna Telegram Channel: externer link

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Basscave - 25-03-23 - FLUCC Wanne

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