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17-20:00: FLUT x Callshop Radio. 16:00: Common Rooms Workshop w/ Nicolle Sabella. 19:00: Club Fab

Donnerstag, 1. Juni

Hello gorgeous creatures of the night and lovers of Fab parties!
DJ p.K.one & DJ Susie Flowers have done it again and organized a CLUB FAB on June 1st to start pride month right! Let´s start it with a BANG and shake our booties together to celebrate all the gorgeous, beautiful, iconic aspects of queerness and our community !


Susie Flowers externer link & p.K.one externer link

Some hard facts:

TIME: 19:00-01:00


We have an extra-special Spendenbox (made by Susie Flowers) where you can support your favourite DJs. Somebody has to pay the spritzers after all!

ALL genders welcome! if you are straight and/or cis male, please be aware that CLUB FAB is a queer space prioritizing flinta. if you witness any weird, non-consensual behaviour, just come straight to us (or the security people) and we will handle the situation and get rid of unwanted people/behaviour! We are trying to make it as safe as possible for you.*

FB Event: externer link

Join the official FLUCC Vienna TG Channel: externer link

Common Rooms Workshop Infos t.b.a. soon

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Club Fab - 01-06-23

FLUCC Workshop Sign-Up

Callshop Radio X FLUCC Community Radio 2022 / 2023

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